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3 things NOT to do before dry carpet cleaning

You’ve having company over, and it’s time to start getting your house in order. Either that, or it’s spring cleaning time (or summer or fall), and you just can’t stand to let it go on any longer. The stains on your carpet are driving you crazy, and it’s time to have a professional in to help you get your carpets clean, once and for all.

You’ve called a dry carpet cleaning company, had the initial in-home consultation, and were super, duper impressed with all the details. Now, your technician is on the way, and you’re wondering what you should be doing. Vacuum: check. Move the furniture: check. You’ve got time to spare, and you want to make sure you make things as easy on the technician as possible, so that he can get to all the different spots on your carpet, and so that you truly get your money’s worth. Hey, you should be thinking about getting as much value as you can for your dollar!

Still, no sense wasting time and effort on things that just don’t matter. Right? Because, after all, aren’t we all about efficiency? If you’re wondering what to do before your dry carpet cleaning technician arrives, you’re not alone. If you’re looking for more information about what to do before he arrives, check out this article on what to do before your technician comes, click here. (LINK to earlier article.) Today, we’re not here to talk about what you SHOULD do before your technician arrives; we’re here to talk about the things that you don’t need to waste your time worrying about. Dry carpet cleaning is a little different from steam cleaning, and it may require a different approach. Today, let’s talk about 3 things you should definitely NOT do before dry carpet cleaning.

  1. Make a space in your driveway for big trucks with big water pumps. Those big steam cleaning vans take up a ton of space! So that they’re able to reach their houses from their vans to your front door, many steam cleaning technicians will ask you to let them park in your driveway! With dry cleaning, because we don’t pump gallon after gallon of water into your carpet (hello, mold alert!), we don’t drive massive trucks. We don’t need to take up residence in your driveway. And you won’t risk the nasty aftereffects of all that water in your house, either. Win/win.
  1. Make a plan to keep your family and furniture off heavily trafficked areas.  As you can probably already imagine, pumping all the water into your carpets (they’re absorbent, you know) means that they won’t be dry when the technician’s truck leaves your driveway. You’re free to walk on it if you want, but you know that wet things tend to attract and trap dirt and debris, so your once-clean carpet won’t take long to dirty up again! You may have to stay off of it for a full 24-48 hours for it to really have an opportunity to dry, which means that your family’s routine will be totally disrupted. Carpet is often found in the most heavily trafficked areas, so it can be difficult to totally avoid them. With dry carpet cleaning, you won’t need to wear weird booties around, avoid watching TV in the living room, or frog hop from one room to another to avoid setting foot in the hallway. Your carpets will be immediately dry and useable—no disruption to your daily life.
  1. Rent extra fans. I don’t know about you, but fans drive me crazy. Not ceiling fans, but floor fans. That whomp-whomp whirring sound gives me a headache; I think it’s something about the way it changes the pressure. In an effort to get back to normal faster, many people who have their carpets steam cleaned rent or borrow extra fans. With a dry carpet cleaning system, your carpets are ready to use right away, so there’s no need to drive across town picking up fans, or listen to the noise as they dry the carpets.

With dry carpet cleaning, a lot less work is required both before and after the technician comes, which is awesome. Not only that, but we use the Host cleaning products, which are greener, cleaner, and non-chemical. They’re plant-based, so they’re great for the environment, don’t break down the fibers in your carpets (allowing them to last longer but still be clean), and don’t expose your children and pets to dangerous harsh chemicals.

Want more information about Host products, or want to set up a free in-home consultation to discuss your professional carpet cleaning options? We’re happy to come out to your house or chat with you over the phone for a free estimate. For more information, to talk to one of our trained representatives, or to schedule an appointment for a free estimate, give us a call at (816) 454-1010.

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