About Hostess Carpet Care

Hi, this is Laura Vescovi

Owner of Hostess Carpet Care.  I have been in the business for over 25 years focusing on offering quality service to my customers.  I’ve always wanted to do “One Thing Great” and have always resisted offering many additional services.

Doing one thing great lets us focus on great carpet cleaning and convenience for the consumer.  I mean it!  I love hearing when my customers tell me how great the carpet looks and how they hate walking on their newly cleaned carpet.  And they can because it’s Dry and ready to use!

If you want to get carpet really clean, there is no easy and quick fix to get troubled carpet clean.  To get carpet really clean it takes some time and effort to do a good job and that is how I approach each home we enter.  Another feature is because it’s dry the customer has the option to clean the whole carpet or just where it is dirty!  When we leave, the carpet is ready for immediate use. No dry time, no water worries.  My philosophy is:

Yes, we can be undersold, but the bitterness of poor service and the quality of work lingers long after the cheap price is forgotten.

We are a small company but offer a big service at a reasonable price!

  • Environmentally responsible
  • Safe for people, children and pets
  • Safe for carpet
  • Reduces allergens,
  • Dry ready to use convenience
  • Deep cleaning