How Dry Carpet Cleaning Works

We can clean carpet with minimal moisture!

The Host® product is a lot like many tiny sponges.

It is a plant based derivative with a little water and a safe-to-use cleaning solvent.

Hostess Carpet Care always starts with a little prep spray to soften the topical soil which will make the cleaning process easier and faster.

The Host compound gets sprinkled on the area to be cleaned and the Host machine gets worked in and through the carpet gently lifting the soil. As the soil is being lifted the soil attaches itself to the tiny sponges. You can actually see the compound getting darker.

Once the carpet is cleaned it is ready to get the Host compound vacuumed up.

Hostess Carpet Care starts crevice tooling the edges of the room and dusting the baseboards and then starts vacuuming out the room. At that point the carpet is done and useable right away.

For more than 75 years, the Host Dry Carpet Cleaning System has been the highest quality carpet dry cleaning system in the world. HOST is top-rated by Consumer Reports, has the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval, and meets Green Seal’s high standards.

Hostess Carpet Care uses Host because it is safe for your carpet, your family and your pets. Why use excessive hot water, soap and harsh chemicals that other methods use on expensive carpeting? We will dry clean your carpet, and you will even walk on it minutes after we are done! And because we have not used any soap or shampoo there is no sticky soapy residue left behind to easily attract soil. Your carpet will stay cleaner longer! Using Host Dry Carpet Cleaning System will extend the life of your carpet, because we do not stress the carpet with excessive heat/steam, wetting and drying  many times the carpet buckles and  gets loose, if it’s glued down it will unglue.

Many carpet manufactures recommend the Host Dry Carpet Cleaning System for the very reasons I have mentioned

I find anymore  that people are just tired of the time and mess that is involved in a wet system and by the time I get the call they are looking for an alternative method of carpet cleaning.