Tuesday, Feb. 16th 2016

The best way to clean carpet

Imagine all the things that you do on your carpet every day. Imagine all the furniture that sits on your carpet every day. Imagine how much time that you spend on your carpet every day.

It’s not just something that you walk on. It’s a place where you live your life, where your dog rolls around on her back, and your toddler crawls around (putting everything in his mouth as he goes).

Imagine, now, the inconvenience of waiting 24-48 hours while your carpet dries after steam cleaning before you can use it again. Imagine the constant whirring of the fans set there specially to help it dry. Imagine the chaos, as you try to avoid using your most heavily trafficked areas by spending more time on your less trafficked areas—along with the furniture that was also displaced from those same heavily trafficked areas.

Doesn’t sound like a whole lot of fun, does it? Not only that, but steam cleaning doesn’t help you get your carpets clean and keep them that way. In addition to exposing your children and pets to dangerous chemicals, steam cleaning leaves a nasty, grimy residue that actually attracts more dirt post-cleaning!

And yet, people still seem to think that steam cleaning is the way to get your carpets professionally cleaned. It’s like they don’t even know there’s a whole other way, one that doesn’t leave your carpets wet; use harsh, abrasive, environmentally unsafe chemicals; promote the growth of nasty mold and mildew; or leave a soapy, grimy residue on your carpets after cleaning.

Help! I don’t want to steam clean my carpets, but I don’t know a better way! I want them to be clean!

Dry carpet cleaning is the alternative solution to steam cleaning, and it’s better by far. Not only does it help you get your carpets clean and keep them clean, it reduces the risk of growing mold and mildew (because it uses minimal amounts of water), and keeps your family safer because it doesn’t place tons of harmful chemicals right within reach.

If you don’t use steam to clean my carpets, how does it work?

Actually, it’s not the steam that’s cleaning your carpets in a steam cleaning method anyway; it’s actually the detergent that does the cleaning! By calling it “steam” cleaning, these carpet companies make it sound like it’s a greener and cleaner method than it actually is.

Dry carpet cleaning works a lot like dry cleaning on your clothes. Instead of using harmful chemical detergents and a ton of water to clean, most carpet dry cleaning services use dry cleaning chemicals, which are activated with small amounts of hot water.

I’m really concerned about bringing all those nasty chemicals into my house!

I don’t know about you, but it really matters to me what chemicals in bring in to my home. After all, just because you want to keep your home clean, disinfected, and sanitized doesn’t mean you have to compromise on safety and use dangerous chemicals! That’s why we use the Host cleaning solution. It’s the green, dry, chemical-free, plant-based alternative that is super effective and helps you get your carpets cleaner, keep them clean longer, and also extends the life of the carpet itself.

The Host Dry Carpet Cleaning system is awesome—it’s the highest quality carpet dry cleaning system in the world, which is why we use it. In fact, I insist on it! It’s top rated by Consumer Reports, has the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval, and even meats Green Seal’s super high standards. There’s no other carpet cleaning product like it out there.

Unlike with steam cleaning, dry cleaning with Host products is the greenest, cleanest way to get (and keep) your carpets clean. Want more information about Host products, or want to set up a free in-home consultation to discuss your professional carpet cleaning options? We’re happy to come out to your house or chat with you over the phone for a free estimate. For more information, to talk to one of our trained representatives, or to schedule an appointment for a free estimate, give us a call at (816) 454-1010.

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